Spreadsheet Therapy Webinar

Thursday, April 7th
6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT

Presenter: Emily S. Cukier, WSU Libraries Science Librarian

Spreadsheets have become nearly ubiquitous in our professional and personal lives, yet rarely are we taught how to use them well. Sometimes we set ourselves up for frustration by making decisions about how we record and structure data that make it harder to use those data later on.

Much like “Apartment Therapy” for living spaces, “Spreadsheet Therapy” will present simple tips and habits that make spreadsheets easier to use. Join us as Emily S. Cukier, WSU Libraries’ Science Librarian, discusses concepts like structuring tables, naming and formatting conventions, reducing the odds of data entry errors, and good data storage practices.

This presentation is appropriate for students of any discipline. No advanced spreadsheet knowledge is required.

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