Global Campus Esports

Photo: Closeup of smiling woman with a game controller in her hands, with a crimson Coug head logo superimposed at left.

The WSU Global Campus Esports program was created in 2020 as an innovative way to bring our online students from around the world together with a fun, community-building, sports activity.  We have embraced esports as an ideal way for students to  build camaraderie and school spirit, both as players and spectators.

Esports is a competitive form of gaming that allows students to compete remotely in a wide variety of videogames and gaming platforms. Global Campus Esports provides online, recreational, gaming events, open to all Global Campus students!

Global Campus also has an official esports team that competes in national-level, collegiate competitions. Learn more about our team and recreational esports opportunities below!

We’re always on the lookout for interested students. If you’re one of those students, please reach out via this form or email us at or