Earn a Leadership Certificate

The Cougar Leadership Program (CLP) is a six-week program designed for Global students to develop leadership among self, with others, and to learn about societal impacts.  Virtual featured workshops will be held Tuesday evenings from 5:30 p.m.–6:30 p.m., with the opportunity to catch the recorded sessions due to schedule conflicts.  Students will receive Coug swag and earn a certificate of program completion.

Graphic: Global Coug Leadership Program.

Tier 1 is centered around self development and personal growth, learning about a wide variety of topics that promote leadership skills and general professional skills. Weekly commitment 1.5-2 hours

Tier 2 is centered around personal values and involvement with your local community. Students will participate in community outreach in their area and share self reflections with their program peers. Weekly commitment 2.5-3 hours

Students must be a Global Campus Services & Activities (S&A) fee payer and currently enrolled in WSU Global Campus. Students enrolled in Electric Power Engineering Online Program (PSM), OMBA, and EMBA programs do not pay GC S&A fees and are not eligible.

Tier 1 Fall 2023 Class Schedule TBD

Registration will open in August 2023 when dates are announced.

Tier 1 Spring 2024 Class Schedule TBD

Registration will open in January 2024 when dates are announced.

Tier 2 Spring 2024 Class Schedule 

Registration will open January 2024 when dates are announced.

What Global Cougs are Saying About the Cougar Leadership Program

Excellent. Learned so much and made great connections!

11/10, would highly recommend! In all seriousness, one of the best programs I’ve been in. The presenters were amazing, and all of us students meshed really well. Every Tuesday night was like a therapy session in a way, you got to learn more about yourself, grow, and have SO much fun with your peers. Every night we met I exited Zoom feeling inspired and refreshed in a way that I haven’t felt in ages. I was able to connect with two of our speakers personally, one of which I owe a coffee date in Pullman, and the other I owe thanks to possibly helping me finally figure out my ideal career path! If I could take this program over and over again, or join others like it, I would in a heartbeat. Absolutely incredible work, Ashley and team!! Thank you SO much for giving us this opportunity!

Informative and relevant to the current state of affairs; impacting internal and external factors within organizations throughout the globe.