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Global Connections brings engaging co- and extra-curricular events to WSU Global Campus students—free and online. Global Connections connects you with other students and expert presenters through webinars, livestreamed events, academic contests, and activities.

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Wellbeing Online

Dedicated to helping you develop skills that foster a happy, balanced life by taking a holistic approach to healthy living. 

We offer mindfulness sessions and relationship care and maintenance sessions by appointment.

You can also book one-on-one recovery coaching, or learn about overdose prevention and get Narcan training by emailing: cougs.forrecovery@wsu.edu

Global Campus Featured Events & Contests

Our online events are a mix of fun game nights, informative webinars, and interactive meet-ups. To stay connected between live events, participate in our asynchronous contests. All of these opportunities are a great way to engage with the global Cougar community!

Cougs and Cubs: Kindness Makes Me Stronger

June 25th @ 6:00 PM PT

We’re excited to invite you and your family to a Book Night under the stars. Join us on Zoom where we will be reading, Kindness makes you stronger, written by Elizabeth Cole. Immerse yourselves in the magic of storytelling as we come together to explore kindness. This book follows Nick on his grandparents’ farm with his new friends – funny animals that don’t behave nicely. Having faced a great challenge our little hero manages to teach his new friends the power of kindness, caring and compassion. That’s not all – we’ve prepared an engaging activity that will make the evening even more special.

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Jackbox Game Night

June 27th @ 3:00 PM PT

Join us for an exciting and laughter-filled Jackbox Game Night, open to all students! This event promises a fantastic evening of creativity, competition, and connection. Whether you’re a Jackbox Games expert or it’s your first time, everyone looking for some fun won’t want to miss it! This event is hosted by the Global Campus student government, brought to you by the First-Generation Club.

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Job Interview Strategies

July 16th @ 6:30 PM PT

As the final step between you and your desired job—the interview—is critically important to prepare for in advance. The WSU Global Campus career advisor, Chris Miller, will cover interview preparation techniques, the various types of interviews you may encounter, and the dos and don’ts of interviewing during this webinar.

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Suggest Your Own Ideas

Is there something you’d like to learn about that isn’t being offered?  Let us know!  If you are interested in Global Connections hosting a presentation on a specific topic, issue, or skill, or if there is a speaker you’d like to hear from, please suggest it for a future program using the link below.

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