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Book cover - Soonish

What is a Common Reading?

A common reading is one way to create community connections among students, and between students and their professors, WSU and others. Topics in a selected book are examined throughout the year by members of the university community. They spark discussions and intellectual conversations in and beyond course spaces, highlight WSU research and the diversity of ideas across disciplines, and introduce different ways to explore complex issues from a variety of perspectives.

2018-19 Selection

Soonish will be used by thousands of students from day-one of fall semester on five WSU campuses.  Students will encounter topics from the book in many UCORE general education classes, such as sections of HIST 105 (Roots of Civilization) and English 101, as well as courses in many majors. 

What’s it about?

Think Big Picture: What’s coming next, in terms of life-altering technologies? 3D printing of food or body parts? Elevators to take us into space? Robotic construction? And, will they improve, or ruin, everything?

First-year, and other, WSU students will explore facts and scenarios such as these in the 2018-19 Common Reading book, Soonish, by Kelly and Zach Weinersmith. Discussions in classrooms and residence halls will spark from topics raised in the book. Out-of-class lectures by experts and special programming will answer questions—or generate more.

Upcoming Common Reading events such as author talks, faculty research, book clubs and trivia nights are posted throughout the year on the events page.

Learn more about the WSU Common Reading program and book selections from previous years.