These are the folks from WSU who work behind the scenes at Global Connections.

Eman Ahmed

I am the Global Connections Program Coordinator. I organize, create, and facilitate co- and extracurricular programming for Online Cougs. I’m proud to bring virtually accessible community building opportunities to our Global Campus!

I’m a WSU Alumnus with a BA in Digital Technology & Culture who enjoys making and/or exploring multimedia art as activism in my free time. I’m currently based in the Pacific Northwest, but I was born and raised in NJ and NYC, so I appreciate tree hugs and hot dog carts all the same.

Please reach me at with any questions about or suggestions for online events!

Andria Donnenwerth

Photo: Andria Donnenwerth.

I am the Global Connections Student Involvement Manager. Originally from Kansas, I live in Pullman with my husband, daughters, dogs, and cat.

In my spare time, I like bowling, painting, watching movies, and bartending the WSU football games. I enjoy assisting students find ways they can engage and participate in their college experience.

If you would like to get involved, send me a message at . Go Cougs!

James Cathey

James Cathey

I am the Video Producer and Writer for Global Campus. I’m responsible for the conceptualization, development, shooting and creation of a final product for a variety of visual media to be used in Global Connections. I work behind the camera to bring you all of the videos & live stream events.

I hail from Eagle, ID and have an award-winning passion for Hershey Cookies’n’crème.