Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are current WSU Global Campus students who provide feedback and support in the selection of Global Connections web-based programs. Email a Student Ambassador to share what programs you’d like to see offered, learn about events to connect with your peers, or if you’d just like to say “hi!” If you’re a new student and have any questions about student life as an online degree seeker just send us an email and a student ambassador will reply to you.

Carlos Flores

Major: Strategic Communications

Expected Graduation: Spring 2023

Hello! My name is Carlos Flores, and I am currently earning my MA in Strategic Communication through the WSU Global Campus. I was born and raised in San Jose, CA, and earned a BS in Computer Science from University of the Pacific in 2019. 

I’ve fallen in love with digital media, and am using my time as a WSU graduate student to explore the field both in and outside of my coursework. In my free time, I stream on Twitch, record and perform music, and watch sports alongside my cat.

I look forward to connection with you and can be found at

Shawna Rengulbai

Major: Integrated Strategic Communication

Expected Graduation: Summer 2024

Hello, my name is Shawna Rengulbai, and I am a senior here at WSU. I am working toward a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Strategic Communications. I have a passion for communication, and I want to be a voice for the people who are not sure how to speak loud enough to be heard, and women of color. I am a Washington native, and I live in Southern Washington with my daughter. 

In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my daughter and my family. My favorite things to do is go on vacations out of the country and see the world with my daughter. Some of our favorite places to visit have been in the Western Caribbean.  

I look forward to connecting with you. Feel free to reach out to me at  

Sinai Espinoza

Major: Political Science

Expected Graduation: Spring 2023

Hello! My name is Sinai Espinoza and my pronouns are “she/her/hers”. Im a transfer student from Wenatchee Valley College and currently a senior at WSU, set to graduate in the Spring of 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. I am currently in the Seattle area but I plan to leave for Olympia,WA after I graduate so that I may work in legislative affairs. In my free time, I love to paint, read, tend to my plants, and play with my menace of a cat- Baghera. My time is also spent with my amazingly supportive fiance, planning our wedding, due for 2024! 

I am extremely excited to meet with you!

 Go Cougs!

Hola! Me llamo Sinai Espinoza y mi pronombres son “ella/suya” Soy un estudiante transferida de Wenatchee Valley College y estoy en mi último año escolar, lista para graduarme el semestre de Spring 2023 con mi licienciatura en Ciencias Politicas. Ahorita estoy en la area de Seattle pero espero irme a Olympia, WA, en cuanto me gradue, para que pueda trabajar en asuntos legislativos. En mi tiempo libre, me encanta pintar, leer, cuidar mis plantas, y jugar con mi gatito- Baghera. También pasó el tiempo con mi prometido que me apoya mucho en el proceso que es planeando nuestra boda para el 2024!

¡Estoy muy emocionada de poder conocerlos!

Go Cougs!