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Global Gauntlet Esports Tournament

Want to show off your esports skills and win great prizes? WSU is holding its first ever system-wide virtual esports tournament beginning on March 21, 2022! WSU Global Gauntlet, hosted by WSU Global Campus, will bring together three-person teams of Cougs to compete in the exciting video game Rocket League.

The competition is open to current and incoming students from all campuses and locations in the WSU system.

Tournament registration is open now! Fill out the tournament registration form to register.

Have questions? Contact WSU Esports Coordinator James Hoplin. Rules and eligibility standards are below.

Tournament Rules

  • Students will enter the tournament by registering in teams of three. Registration will open January 10.
    • While three-member teams are preferred, we will be accepting individual and duo registrations. Teams of three will be assembled from individual and duo entries. 
  • Team members must be students within the WSU system.
    • Students from Global Campus, Pullman, Tri-Cities, Spokane, Vancouver, Everett, and all other WSU system locations are eligible to compete.
    • Accepted incoming students are also eligible to compete.
  • Competitors must have Rocket League accounts from Epic Games, PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch. If you need to establish an account, choose one of the following links:
  • No experience is required to participate in the tournament, unranked/unplaced players are welcome. 
  • Upon registration, participants will provide their highest competitive rank from the most recent season in which they participated. All rankings, including unranked/unplaced, will be factored into the initial tournament matchmaking.
  • Competitor accounts must be in good standing with Psyonix and/or Epic Games and not banned or limited from participating in competitive events.
  • All administrator decisions are final.