Meet the Team

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2023/24 Team Members

Ethan “Fitz” Fitzsimmons

Photo: Ethan “Fitz” Fitzsimmons.
Ethan “Fitz” Fitzsimmons

My name is Fitz, I’m from Southeast Alaska. My major is currently Data Analytics but is subject to change. I wanted to come to WSU because of its expanding comp sci department and esports program. My goals are to earn a degree, work in a field I like, compete in collegiate, and hopefully professional esports, and meet some awesome people along the way. I am very excited about all the opportunities WSU and its esports program has to offer.

Molly “Windexus” McCracken

Photo: Molly “Windexus” McCracken.
Molly “Windexus” McCracken

My name is Molly. I fell in love with video games at a young age on the Nintendo 64 and grew up through all the original Halo games as well as many others through that time. I enjoy the social aspect of gaming with friends and family, as well as the immersion of stepping into the worlds others have created and being able to shape how the story goes with the main characters choices. I love a wide variety of games and I love being on a team, so competing on an esports team made a lot of sense. I am grateful for the opportunity to compete in a game that I love with a co-ed team in one of the few co-ed collegiate sports. I’m looking forward to competing on behalf of WSU, and I hope this program continues to grow and bring in opportunity for those interested in esports.

Josh “VexingVertigo” Edelman

Greetings! I’m VexingVertigo, but you can call me Josh. Currently, I’m pursuing a degree in data analytics at WSU Global. The reason I chose WSU is because of their outstanding esports program, and I’m genuinely thrilled about the opportunity to contribute to its growth. As a student and player, my goals are clear: I aim to excel academically and achieve a computer science degree. However, what truly ignites my passion is the prospect of teaming up with my Rocket League comrades and forging connections not only with them but also with fellow students during this exciting journey. I eagerly anticipate the opportunities and successes that await me here at WSU Global, and I’m committed to making a meaningful impact on the esports program.

Coaching Staff

Photo: James "Hops" Hoplin.
James “Hops” Hoplin

James “Hops” Hoplin

James has been an avid gamer since his older sister bought an Atari 2600 in the 1980s. His first professional experience was in 2000 at an Unreal Tournament LAN event in Spokane, Washington. The prize was a $20 voucher for pizza. With the launch of Overwatch in 2016, James started to work with Team Envy to launch the Dallas Fuel Overwatch team. He also assisted with the launch of their Dallas Empire brand. In 2019, James took over as the Esports Coordinator for WSU Global Campus.

Alumni Members

Talei “Tuto” Fatafehi 2022-23

Carlos “BayLights” Flores 2022-23