CPA Exam Review Course Panel Discussion

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September 6th at 2 p.m.

Representatives from some of the leading CPA exam review courses will present information on the CPA exam, how to study and prepare for the exam and how to register and sign up for the exam.  If you plan to take the CPA exam, this information will be extremely helpful in setting you up for success. Join us with your CPA questions.

Carey Levin, Yeager CPA Review  -Carey has worked many years in the media industry as an Account Executive with FOX Broadcasting Company, she has also completed her Master’s degree.  Since joining Yeager, Carey has been impressed by the level of dedication and hard work required by candidates to pass the Uniform CPA Exam. She is proud to have the opportunity to assist candidates in reaching this goal, thereby ensuring that organization and individuals will be guided by well-trained and ethical public accountants. 

Carla Ng, Wiley  CPA, PMP  -Carla graduated with a Business Economics degree from UC Santa Barbara and started at PricewaterhouseCoopers. She practiced in the Audit division for about 3 years and earned her CPA license before she joined a real estate investment firm as a Senior Portfolio Accountant. She also received her PMP certification while working as a Financial Software Consultant in the Bay Area. She currently covers seven states in the Pacific Northwest working for Wiley in Business Development and helps people achieve professional certification in accounting and finance. Carla is based in Redondo Beach CA. 

Sean Adams, Roger  CPA  -Sean is the Business Development Manger of the West for Roger CPA Review. He has been with Roger CPA Review for over 4 years and has over a decade of experience in the CPA Review industry. Sean is an expert on all aspects of the CPA Exam process, including: application process, licensure requirements, exam strategies and annual exam changes and is very glad to be able to meet WSU students and assist them with any questions they may have.

Jesse Holt, Becker CPA

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