Band Power: Introduction to Home Based Workouts Using Exercise Bands

Photo: Gym class using exercise bands.March 12
6:30 p.m.

Many of us find ourselves in the trap of working all day, often times putting in extra hours and not having the time to make it to the gym.  Additionally, we see that the various home-based gym equipment is either expensive or impractical. This often leads us to throw our hands up and disregard the much needed minutes of physical activity we need each day to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Before making that decision though, let us at Wellbeing Online help you! 

Join two of WSU’s top personal trainers, Ty Crisostomo and Sophie Marshall during this live webinar where they will teach you three easy to facilitate home-based workouts using cheap and accessible exercise bands.  Don’t let your time constraints jeopardize your health, and let us help you get those essential minutes back in!


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