9-1-17: Internship & library tips; Rendezoo photos
9-8-17: Meet WSU President at online Town Hall
9-15-17: Time management tips, expert career help
8-11-17: Do the Virtual 5K; Be a Student Ambassador
8-18-17: Classes start Monday, most courses open now!
8-25-17: Coming Monday! Sci-fi author livestream speech, Q&A
7-14-17: Tuition announced; sign up for Rendezoo
7-28-17: Sign up for Rendezoo; fall charges begin posting
6-02-17: Train for 5K & beyond; Summer Rendezvous
6-16-17: Explore the outdoors, join us at Silverwood
6-29-17: myWSU outage; ASWSU Global Scholarship deadline
5-12-17: New online degree, grad Facebook photos
4-07-17: Increase your social intelligence, networking savvy
4-14-17: Get engaged, stay current on events, real news
4-21-17: Happy #ScholarshipFriday!
4-28-17: Congratulations, Global graduates!
3-07-17: Indulge in Irish dishes with Chef Callison
3-10-17: One week, one run, go Cougs!
3-24-17: Balance your life & workout anywhere
3-31-17: Success at SURCA, new online summer courses
2-03-17: Get LinkedIn tips, run for office, win swag
2-10-17: WSU President livestream, healthy family eating, leverage your salary
2-17-17: Meet the ASWSU candidates, make plans to attend Rendezvous
2-24-17: Target your resume, prepare a St. Patrick's Day feast
1-06-17: New Econ degree, spring classes start Monday!
1-13-17: We're in the top five percent!
1-20-17: Stay healthy with mindfulness and kettlebells
1-27-17: Web research tips, apply for scholarships by Jan. 31


12-16-16: Happy and safe holiday wishes
11-01-16: Get the facts about the Early FAFSA
11-09-16: International activist gives guest lecture online; find the right career for you
11-16-16: Be reimbursed for fitness, child care, grad regalia
11-29-16: FAFSA priority deadline is tomorrow!
10-07-16: Cook Thai dinner with Chef Callison
10-12-16: Get the most out of college life
10-19-16: Win prizes; help Cougs win PAC-12 Fitness Challenge
10-26-16: Get healthy food tips, win prizes during PAC-12 Challenge
09-01-16: VP answers your questions
09-08-16: Business execs answer your questions live
09-16-16: Vote in ASWSU Global Election
09-23-16: Attend live cultural, leadership events
09-29-16: Meet WSU President at town hall event
08-11-16: Sign up for Rendezoo; run for office; get career help
08-20-16: Welcome to fall semester!
07-25-16: Join us at Rendezoo; FAFSA changes; career help
06-07-16: Short session; new app; job options
05-09-16: Top tips for Global Campus success
04-06-16: Students make contest finals; guest talk by Jay Smooth
04-20-16: Summer courses added; make a Mexican feast
04-26-16: Prepare Cinco de Mayo feast with top WSU chef
03-08-16: Intersession registration opens; ASWSUG voting begins
03-22-16: Spring commencement events; Happy = Healthy
03-31-16: "A president for the students"; how to brand yourself
02-02-16: Learn your love language; join us at Rendezvous
02-10-16: Free WSU basketball tickets; family fun at Tacoma Rendezvous
02-17-16: Career events; free basketball tickets
02-23-16: Assess your job interests; frolic with Butch
02-29-16: Summer registration opens; career events
01-05-16: Get financial aid tips; sign up for Rendezvous; one-credit course
01-12-16: Resource list; enhance your scholar skills
01-20-16: Free resume review tonight; Jasiri X keynote
01-27-16: Top tech tips; key financial aid deadlines


12-07-15: Free Yoga class; ski trip; holiday ornament
11-09-15: Time-saving tips; free Apple Cup T-shirts
11-25-15: Live-stream lecture; career tips
10-12-15: Win a gift card; keep info secure
10-27-15: Help pick WSU president; T-shirt giveaway
09-01-15: Remap your mind; get a free backpack
09-14-15: Free football tickets; free eTutoring; voting begins
09-29-15: A few free game tickets left; get Blackboard tips
08-07-15: Email changes; fall Financial aid tips
08-19-15: Email changes; Blackboard outage; study tips
07-01-15: WSU email outage; new student log-in, benefits
07-13-15: Tuition rates announced; sign up for Rendezoo
07-28-15: Zzusis name change; sign up for Rendezoo by Aug. 5

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